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07.12 Badminton

In the Christmas tournament week, of course, our best-attended course may not be missing: Badminton!

We know how big the rush is, so we will set up as many nets as possible to give you a great tournament!

Game mode

  • To make sure everyone gets their money's worth, we will split the afternoon into 2 tournaments: Singles and Doubles. We will start with the singles tournament, divided into a men's and a women's bracket. In the late afternoon the doubles tournament will start, also with a men's ranking and a mixed ranking. For the mixed competition you can register either as a men's/women's team or as a women's/women's team. If you want the full action, you can register for both the singles and doubles tournament!
  • A maximum of 32 teams per singles and doubles are possible.
  • The tournament will be played in a Swiss system with a subsequent knockout phase. You can think of it as playing a group stage and based on your results from the group stage, the knockout stage will then be played. Our competition team on site will show and explain the game plan live!
  • We cannot tell you the final game mode until we know the exact number of participants. Of course we want to make sure that you all get your playing time.
  • A match will go over 2 winning sets, each played to 11 points.

More info:

  • The tournament will start at 15:00 with the singles, this will probably last until 18:00, the doubles will then be played from 18:00 to about 21:00. Of course, time deviations are not excluded.
  • The preliminary discussion about the exact procedure will take place by e-mail or on the day of the tournament.


Results Mixed Double:

1. Bäähmuschkle

2. Tim/Diane

3. Schrottwichtel


Ergebnisse Mens Double:

1. Öttinger Allstars

2. Team_India



Ergebnisse Mens Single:

soon (Software mistake)

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