Sport Facilities

09.12 Basketball

A spectacular sport in a new guise: Basketball in 3 vs. 3!

Intoxicated by the Olympic action, this year basketball will be played in 3 vs. 3! In the summer you have been practicing your moves on our baskets outside, now you can show how much streetball is in you! We are looking forward to spectacular dribblings, intense games and the sharpshooters of the basket!

Game mode

  • A maximum of 16 teams are possible, a team can consist of up to 7 persons.
  • The game will be played 2x5 minutes or 2x7 minutes, depending on the number of teams.
  • We can only inform you about the final game mode when we know the exact number of participants. Of course we want to make sure that you all get your playing time.

More info:

  • Preliminary discussion about the exact procedure will take place via email.
  • Showers are available in the shower container, we are currently looking into the possibility of additional shower facilities.
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