Sport Facilities

10.12 Table tennis

Last but not least: table tennis!

Easy to learn, hard to master. Let's see who can get the little ball across the board the most skillfully!

The game is played in one third of the hall, on about 6 tables.

Game mode

  • Maximum 32 participants are possible
  • The game will be played in 2 winning sets up to 11.
  • We can only inform you about the final game mode when we know the exact number of participants. Of course we want to make sure that you all get your playing time.

More info:

  • Start is at 17:00, end probably around 22:00.
  • Balls will be provided, but please bring your own rackets if possible, we can only help out with 6 rackets.
  • Preliminary discussion about the exact procedure will take place via e-mail.
  • Showers are available in the shower container, we are currently looking into the possibility of additional shower facilities.
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