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Ooooooonehundredandeightyyyyy - oder doch eher twentysix?

The darts tournament has become an integral part of the winter semester. When the best dart players in the world compete in London, the TUK also crowns its darts champion. 501 points should be brought to zero as quickly as possible. But beware: You should be familiar with the basic rules, because the loser writes the next game.
Unfortunately, the tournament had to be cancelled in the last winter semester, but we are working hard to offer you exciting darts action again soon and have also been working hard on our darts infrastructure in the background! So stay tuned!

Date: tbd.

Participants: Students and staff of the TU and University of Kaiserslautern, students and staff of the affiliated institutes, as well as all holders of a basic, or higher card are eligible to participate.

Venue: Unisport Hall I

Services:Tournament organization, players party, material prizes, food and beverage sales.

Registration deadline: tbd.

Costs: from 5€

Further info: Preliminary discussion will take place via email.

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