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Uni-Liga Cup

+++ We are currently working on safety and health regulations in order to be able to offer you entertaining and above all safe competitions again soon. Due to the current regulations we can't tell you for sure when it will start, but you will find out soon here on the website and on social media. We thank you for your understanding and hope to see you again soon at UNISPORT +++

This cup is not for fair-weather footballers. Here is tackled, fought and sweated! Freekicks have been trained, coaches fired, titles celebrated and tactics worked out!
Which team will prevail in the end in a nerve-racking tournament and ultimately lift the trophy?
It's time for the round leather to finally roll through the stadium again!
1 day, 16 teams, 1 champion!

Date: tbd

Participants: A player is eligible to play if he or she is eligible to participate in university sports (Hochschulsport). All students of TU-Kaiserslautern as well as all holders of the basic card, course card or UNIFIT card of Unisport Kaiserslautern (available at the Info point of UNIFIT) are eligible to participate in university sports (Hochschulsport).


Services: Tournament organization, drinks, material prizes and much more.

Fees: €20 each team


Registration deadline: tbd

Further information:
-    The preliminary discussion will take place via e-mail.
-    You will find further information on our facebook page (@uniligakl) and our homepage
-    You will play with 5 field players and one goalkeeper on the small soccer field

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