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+++Attention: The tournament is over. We will see each other again in the summer semester 2023.+++

American Games

You've never been so close to the American dream!

"Born in the USA..." - we may not be, but Ramstein Air Base is just around the corner.

"Yeah, it's a party in the U.S.A." - USA stands for UniSportA, doesn't it?

"The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of texas" - Kaiserslautern, isn't it?

So there is reason enough to celebrate the American Independence Day! We like to do this, just like our American friends, with small sporty or not so sporty competitions!

We therefore present a brand new competition format: The American Games - an American afternoon at college!

But what exactly is it all about? You can read more about it at Modus. You need to be in pairs and it doesn't hurt if you can aim and throw a little. You don't have to be extremely athletic and you can make it through the day without any specific sports gear.

Of course, there will also be a few drink specials, so joining in the day's festivities and spectating is also worthwhile!


  • We've come up with 3 college games, each played in a 2 vs 2 format.
    • CupPong: The classic of every American party, probably known there as "Beerpong". It's certainly no different from our alcohol-free version.
    • Cornhole: The dream of every redneck. Cornbags are thrown onto a wooden board. Sounds simple, but all the more challenging for that.
    • Ladder golf: Golf is a must, but without a driver or fairway, but with all the more finger-sucking sensation.
  • First, you play a game against your opponents in a group phase, and the winning team receives a point. Which game you play is decided in advance, and you can find this out from the tournament schedule.
  • After the group phase, a big knockout phase, the "Freedombracket", is created from all teams.
  • In the knockout phase, all games will be played in the mix as a best of 3.
  • Example: You play cornhole first, then ladder golf (order determined by the tournament schedule). Afterwards, the score is 1:1 between teams A and B. Now it has to be decided in CupPong who will advance one round.
  • At the end, one team remains that can call itself "Champions of the World" in true American style.


  • 04.07.2022 new date: Friday, 08.07.2022
  • The tournament will start at 3 pm. The tournament will last about 5-6 hours, depending on the final number of participants. If you can't make it until later, please let us know so we can reschedule the games if necessary.


  • Students and staff of the TU and the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, the University of Landau as well as students and staff of the affiliated institutes are eligible to participate. Guests please contact


  • Barbecue hut behind the sports hall, Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 28


  • Tournament orga
  • Music
  • American atmosphere
  • Food and drink specials


Costs (per team):

  • 7€ for students
  • 8€ for staff
  • 10€ for guests (please only in consultation with us)

Further information:

  • Max. 32 teams, if there is a lot of interest we will consider extending the tournament so that it could start earlier.
  • In case of rain we have to postpone the tournament.
  • Please wear your most "American" outfit, as everyone interprets this a little differently.
  • We recommend sunglasses or headgear, depending on how sensitive you are to the sun.
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