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HEADIS Restart Warmup

HEADIS starts again!
We are happy to announce the warmup for the HEADIS restart. After a long break, the plates are finally brought back into position and played on 24.07!
Of course we will play outside, in cooperation with the HEADIS team we will make the track glow again!
Before the big HEADIS Restart starts on 21.08, we want to play a warmup with you to get your head and ball used to each other again. The tournament is aimed at experienced headis pros as well as beginners and new headis prodigies who finally want to try their hand at headis!

  • 24.07 12:00 to approx. 19:00 hrs.


  • Curve of the athletics track (HSSP), Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 28


  • Tournament orga, music, material prizes



  • 5€

Safety and hygiene measures:   

  • To ensure maximum safety and to allow you to watch other games, it is mandatory that you show proof of being tested, recovered or vaccinated on site. Test please not older than 48 hours, there is the possibility to make one on site in the learning tent used by the DRK.
  • Please behave appropriately to the current situation, keep your distance and pay attention to the other players. In case of violation we have to expel those from the facility and exclude them from the tournament
  • Spectators are unfortunately not allowed at the moment.
  • With us, contact tracking is done via Please have your QR code ready at the entrance.

Further info:   

  • In case of rain, we may have to postpone.
  • Please bring sunscreen and sunglasses or headgear for when you are not playing, depending on how sun sensitive you are. Unfortunately, there are not many shady spots on our course.
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