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UNISPORT Running Challenge

Those who know Kaiserslautern know that the Barbarossa city has many great things to offer.

One of them is its immediate proximity to the wonderful Palatinate Forest which, especially when the weather is nice, allows you to forget the stress of everyday life for a short time and offers the perfect opportunity to do some sports and really burn off energy.

There are countless paths winding through the trees but not all of them have been explored yet and, according to legend, Barbarossa and his entourage walked along them.
Well, we are (fortunately!) no longer living in the Middle Ages but the trails are still used by many but rather to stay fit via beautiful jogging routes!

The Palatinate Forest is your running home, you want to escape the stress of studying in beautiful weather or just start fit into spring? Then sign up with your running partners for our running challenge and follow in Barbarossa's footsteps!

Over a period of three weeks, your group of four will compete with the other teams. The goal for each member of the group is to run five kilometers twice every of the three weeks, preferably as fast as possible! If you run more, of course this is praiseworthy, but only the 2x5km per team member per week counts for the equality of opportunity. Therefore, you cannot run for the others in your group, you just have to push each other!

In the end, the team that manages to complete the 120km will be the winner. If more than one team manages to do it, the faster total time will count. In addition, we will determine the runner who was the fastest in an individual comparison. The best teams and the best individual runner will receive a great package sponsored by Laufladen Kaiserslautern, so it is worth it to participate and to be motivated!

Your team captain sends us the screenshots of all runs of the group every week and we will create the leaderboard! If we notice any signs of cheating, those teams will be excluded from the challenge, so be honest with us and especially with yourself!

And to make sure that you see some of the most beautiful places in Kaiserslautern, we chose 6 places of which you have to include at least 3 in your runs. These are Eselsbachtal, Wildpark (deer park), the Panorama Jogging Track, Humbergturm, Vogelwoog and Volkspark Kaiserslautern. You will find more information about these great places in our Instagram guide. If our outdoor area is open, you are of course also welcome at UNISPORT! If you are not in Kaiserslautern at the moment due to the lockdown, please let us know in the registration!

If you run in Landau, the 6 places are the fortress Landau, the nature reserve Ebenberg, the fields at the Birnbach, along the Queich, the Goethepark or along the Ranschbach.

So if you are ambitious and want to compete with others despite the current circumstances, want to improve your fitness or just have fun doing some sports with your friends, then sign up for our running challenge now!

If you want to register as an individual, this is also possible, we will then put you together in teams of 4 and provide you with each other's mail address to exchange.

1st running week 15.03-21.03, 2nd running week 22.03-28.03, 3rd running week 29.03-04.04

Students and staff of the TU and the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, the University of Landau, students and staff of the affiliated institutes, as well as all members of UNIFIT are eligible to participate.

Place of Event: On your favorite running courses! Or hopefully soon again at our outdoor area (unfortunately not possible yet). Run routes inspiration can be found on our Instagram page now in the guide!

Team coordination, entering the times of running screenshots, package from Laufladen Kaiserslautern as a prize.

Registration & Deadline:The registration is done by mail to wettkampf(at) For this, we need the completed registration form (team) or registration form (individual) and additionally the corresponding proof of status (student/employee ID as picture/pdf/etc. or the certificate of enrollment) for all team members. When saving the registration form, make sure that the contents are really saved (print as PDF,...)!

Participation is free of charge.

Further info:
Before the start of the Challenge, there will be a briefing by mail for the team captains.
If we suspect that someone is cheating during the challenge in any way (cycling, double running, etc.), the whole team will of course be excluded immediately!

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