Sport Facilities


It’s the highlight of every summer: The unique and unbeatable, often imitated but never duplicated Uni-Liga season is just around the corner!

Can you smell the green of the lawn? Or the cold beer at the bar? Aren’t you as excited as we are?

Come and meet acquaintances old and new to celebrate! We’ll be there to enjoy the sport and the surroundings alike. There’s something here for everyone! Whether you’re libero, legend of the soccer field or Ronaldo of the eighth division, we are simply looking forward to ALL of you!

Day 1: 23. April 2020

Day 2: 30 April 2020

Day 3: 07 May 2020

Day 4: 14 May 2020

Day 5: 28 May 2020

Day 6: 04 June 2020

Day 7: 18. June 2020

Day 8: 25. June 2019

Day 9: 02 July 2020

Day 10: 09. July 2020


Students and employees of TU and Hochschule Kaiserslautern are eligible to participate, as well as students and employees of all affiliated institutes and any holders of a basic or higher-valued card.


Grass field at the stadium (HSSP), Paul-Ehrlich-Str.28


Tournament organization, maintenance and marking of the soccer field during the season as well as food!

Registration deadline:

17 April 2020


The registration fee for all teams is €100 + €30 deposit for referees

There will be a meeting before the season for all team captains. Further information can be found on our facebook page (@uniligakl) and on our homepage.

From 23 April 2020
until 9 July 2020
Registration deadline:
17 April 2020

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