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+++Attention: The tournament is over. We will see each other again in the summer semester 2023.+++


The highlight of every summer semester is the unique, unbeatable, often copied and never equalled UNI-LIGA!

Let's reminisce: The green of the lawn! The cool blonde at the bar! The delicious BollBurger straight from the grill! And above all, of course: you! Whether you are a player, a spectator or just happened to stray onto the pitch, you make the UNI-LIGA a great competitive event! There really is something for everyone here! Whether you are a libero, a football field legend or a district league Ronaldo...

We are looking forward to a true UNI-LIGA spectacle with you again this year! So knock the dirt off your football boots, get your team back together or start a new one! We look forward to welcoming new teams to join the long history of the UNI-LIGA! All you need is a few fellow students interested in football and off you go!

Below we have summarised all the KeyFacts you will need for this year's UNI-LIGA!

Game mode:

  • There is room for 32 teams. A team consists of a maximum of 15 players.
  • Each team plays exactly one game on each match day. A game lasts 2x 15 minutes + 5 minutes half-time break.
  • The game is played with 5 field players and a goalkeeper on a small field.
  • There are 4 groups of 4 teams. A first round is played in the groups of 4. After these 3 games, the first two teams in each group continue in a winner's group phase, the last two in a loser's group phase. When this second group stage is finished, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finally the final will be played. We will play all places from 32nd to 1st, so all teams will have the same playing time.
  • The match schedule will be available on our website the day before.
  • Please be sure to follow our rules and regulations.

Safety and hygiene measures:

  • Due to current regulations and possible changes as of 02 April, it is yet to be seen if access restrictions will be necessary.
  • A 3G status may be required to attend, should this be the case you will be checked at the entrance.


  • 05.05 CaptainsMeeting: Draw and Welcomeevent, for captains but also for other players.
  • 12.05 1st matchday (1st group phase)
  • 19.05 2nd matchday (1st group phase)
  • 02.06 3rd matchday (1st group phase)
  • 09.06 4th matchday (2nd group phase)
  • 23.06 5th matchday (2nd group phase)
  • 30.06 6th matchday (2nd group phase)
  • 07.07 Quarter-finals
  • 14.07 Semi-final
  • 21.07 Final
  • Games will be played from 15:00 hrs until about 20:00 hrs.


  • Students and staff of the TU and the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, the University of Landau as well as students and staff of the affiliated institutes are eligible to participate.


  • Lawn in the stadium (HSSP), Paul-Ehrlich-Str.28.


  • Tournament organiser
  • Maintenance and marking of the pitch during the season
  • Sale of drinks
  • Material prizes
  • Photos of the event


  • 100€ per team + 30€ referee deposit (to be paid in cash at the CaptainsMeeting).


  • Registration deadline: 10.05
  • Registration:
  • Please use the link to register only your team captain on behalf of the team, who will then informally send a list of your maximum 15 players to after registration. A reservation in advance is not possible. Please only register if your team is certain and you can participate on all match days.

Further information:

  • Please note our rules and regulations, with your registration we assume that all captains and players have read them.
  • The group draw will take place at the Captains Meeting. The top 4 teams of the UNILIGA 2021 are seeded as group heads of the groups A to D. The captains will receive detailed information on the Captains' Meeting in good time.
  • If the planned number of 32 teams is not reached, the mode will be slightly changed. However, this will not affect the number of match days or the schedule.


Wall of Fame

2022: ALL BECK´S

2021: ALL BECK´S

2020: -

2019: FC Delta Psi

2018: Hertha Ballern

2017: Bolzing FC

2016: ALL BECK´S

2015: Die Tabatiaten

2014: AS Tralkörper

2013: FC Walters Frösche

2012: AS Tralkörper

2011: Die Drecksspatzen

2010: Unifit Bombers

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