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UPDATE 24/07/2020: You can now purchase day tickets for the beach courts, too!

Purchasing the ticket is possible at the UNIFIT infopoint between 10 am and 3 pm (Saturday: until 1pm). Please remember that every player needs a day or season ticket.

We are going to expand our course schedule from August on. There will be more fitness classes, bodyforming… Stay tuned!



UPDATE 06/07/2020: Starting on July 7, beach and tennis tickets can be bought at the UNIFIT infopoint!

For the use of our beach pitches you will need a beach ticket again from 15.7. onwards, which you can buy from 7.7. onwards at the Infopoint (UNIFIT) for half the season price. You can also buy our tennis card at the Infopoint. Please note that you have to bring a passport photo of yourself to buy the beach ticket! Both courts (beach and tennis) can now be reserved at the Infopoint one week in advance for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. Usage also with reservation is only possible within our opening hours of the outdoor facilities from 15:00 to 22:00. We are looking forward to your visit!



UPDATE 19/06/2020: We are now offering the first courses at our outdoor facilities!

At Workshops  you can see which courses we offer. You need to register online which is possible until 23:59 the day before the course and it is for free at the moment. You are only registering for one single course on a specific day, not permanently for a course in general. If you cannot participate despite being registered, please let us know and write us an email as early as possible as an answer to your booking confirmation. The number of participants is limited to the course capacity.

All courses are based on the special hygienic and social distancing regulations of Rhineland Palatinate and comply with the hygienic concept for sports and outdoor facilities according to the measures against Corona.

Please bring your ID and the booking confirmation of the course (digitally is possible). Depending on the course, you need to bring your own equipment as a rental at Unisport is not possible at the moment. The courses are modified so that all measurements concerning distancing and other safety rules can be maintained.

Please wait for the course trainer in front of the gate and come shortly before the course starts. Always keep the distance of 2m to others. Bring a face mask to put on in case the distance cannot be kept for a certain time and disinfect / wash your hands when entering the facilities. Remember to bring water and sunscreen because there are only few areas with shades at the outdoor areas.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our courses!



Starting on May 20th 2020, the UNISPORT outdoor facilities are open again daily from 3 pm to 8 pm (also on holidays and on weekends) for you.

Of course, there are many rules to follow in order to comply with the Corona regulations. Please stick to the hygienic regulations concerning sneezing, no body contact, etc., which are also applicable everywhere else. There are two sinks with soap and paper towels provided at the outdoor facilities where you can wash your hands. One is at the beach court next to the sports hall and the other one is upstairs close to the tennis court.

Upon your arrival at the UNISPORT outdoor facilities, you must register with your name and phone number at our staff behind the entrance. If you need to stand in line, please keep your distance to the other persons standing in line. It is useful to bring a protective mask for unexpected situations that require wearing one. You do not need your protective mask during your stay and while doing sports because you must ALWAYS keep a distance of 2m.

You can do sports together with three other persons in a group without keeping the distance. Forming bigger groups in any way is restricted.

The pull-up bars and the soccer cage are still closed recently. There are information signs on all other courts with the applying rules for the respective court.

The tennis courts are only available for holders of a tennis card which you can purchase online here. Please tell the staff at the stadium that you want to use the tennis court and the court will be opened for you. Bring your booking confirmation and your student ID or your staff card. Please note that reservations for the tennis courts are not possible at the moment.

You must enter the upper outdoor facilities via the patht behind the "Sportbund" building and leave it via the small stairs at the beach area. You can identify the directions by arrows on the floor and further signs.

The sports facilities of Unisport are a sports area and in the first place and we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to do sports. The amount of people on the grounds is, however, limited. You can sit down for a short time and rest but the grounds do not count as a park and we do not want you to have a picnic or similar.

Currently, the restrooms are closed and there is no possibility to take a shower or use the changing rooms.

We hope that you are motivated to do sports on our grounds despite the necessary restrictions and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Your Unisport team

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