Sport Facilities

Information on the reopening of the UNISPORT outdoor facilities

The gates to our outdoor facilities are open! You are now allowed to do sports in a group of 5 people, and we restart the outdoor courses at UNISPORT.

Please note the following information and instructions for your visit.

Access authorization to the plant: Test obligation loosened

From 23.06.2021 the corona test obligation will be partially loosened! For free sports and individual sports and backstroke courses, there is no longer a testing requirement. For team and contact sports courses, the testing requirement will remain for the time being. When registering for a course, you will find a note on the course page stating whether or not a test is required for this course.

Eligible for the courses where testing remains mandatory are individuals who:

  • ... have a current, negative Corona test. The test must not be older than 24 hours and must be confirmed by an official document. A self quick test on site or the statement of an existing negative test result cannot be accepted. It is possible to take a test on site at the DRK test center (study tent). Attention: as of 23.06.2021 the test obligation on the outdoor facility is partly cancelled. You can find more info on this page below.
  • ... have received full protection against a Corona infection by vaccination (proof required). This takes effect from the 15th day after the last necessary single vaccination of the respective vaccine. In addition, besides full vaccination protection, there must be no active Corona symptoms.
  • ... be considered as recovered from Corona. This requires the positive result of a PCR (or other official) Corona test. This result must be at least 28 days old and maximum 6 months ago. In addition, there must be no active corona symptoms.


Outdoor courses and general offer

  • Register now for our outdoor courses at the UNISPORT outdoor facility! You can find the course offer and registration on these pages.
  • The above rules and access permissions apply to the courses.
  • The courses will only take place if the corona incidence is below 100 and cannot take place in case of heavy rain. Cancellation will be made by e-mail, if necessary at short notice.
  • Tennis tickets can be purchased now. All further information can be found on these pages.
  • Beach tickets can be purchased now. All further information can be found on these pages.


Further information and rules

  • Apart from outdoor classes, a maximum of five people are allowed to play sports together. If the incidence is over 100, only individual sports are allowed, with a maximum of two people.
  • The maximum number of visitors at the facility is currently 50.
  • For contact tracking all visitors are registered via INTAKE. Wearing a mask is required at registration and in the entrance area to the facility.
  • The toilets in the container next to the learning tent / test center can be used. The showers and building 28 are still closed for the time being.


Please contact service(at) or the UNISPORT social media channels with any questions. We are looking forward to your visit!

See you soon at UNISPORT!

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