Sport Facilities


Campusletics is TU Kaiserslautern’s new offer to all students, staff and guests. A course with different stations leads through our campus and the surrounding forest. It is inspired by the German “Trimm-Dich-Pfad”, a fitness trail. Modern training devices and urban trends like calisthenics are combined with the tranquility of running in nature. A combination of the words “campus” and “athletics,” campusletics is a creation of strength, coordination and endurance training that is suitable for beginners as well as advanced participants. Exercises of varying levels of difficulty are explained on the information boards located at each station. Instructions and tips are available on your smartphone via QR code. Everyone can do campusletics anytime on the TU campus. Campusletics is a part of the innovative ideas under the CampusPlus label. This class takes place once a week. The trainer offers each participant the possibility to burn off energy on the three-kilometer course according to their own performance level. Participants only need to bring running shoes, as well as any weather-appropriate sport gear.



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