Sport Facilities


Whether you’re a beginner, a backyard player, an ambitious league veteran or a legend of the Champions League, you’ve heard of the world’s most beautiful game. Want to play with friends and other students? Come to our field.

Note: Please change into your sports clothes before class.

Whether we play on the grass field or at the gym depends on the weather. Please bring two pairs of shoes.

We also invite you to participate in a Christmas tournament, or to join our famous Unileague (Uniliga) during the summer. Those interested should look out for announcements and register on time.

New: Play on our new artificial turf field! Find more information about prices and availability here: Soccer-Cage

Mon16:30-18:00with FarukSoccer Cage-Unisport
Wed16:30-18:00for employees of the University with JürgenUNISPORT Stadion/Halle I-III
Fri16:30-18:00with JürgenUNISPORT Stadion/Halle I-III
Fri18:00-19:30with MichaelUNISPORT Stadion/Halle I-III
Sun17:00-18:30with AbdulkarimUNISPORT Stadion/Halle I-III
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