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Unitanz offers you a broad variety of couple dancing and we try to update our offer regularly.
Our dance instructors participate in tournaments of DTV, the German association of competitive dancing, partner associations, are dance instructors of different dance styles, and first of all, they are enthusiastic dancers with heart and soul.

Our current dance program with further information is available here: Course schedule
Have fun
“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”

West Coast Swing

Flowing movements, combined with rapid turns, make the WCS look very elegant and offer a lot of interpretation and variation by the dancing couple. You will learn the basic figures and first variations, so you can have fun at every swing party.
West Coast Swing is groovy, jazzy, funky ... just cool!

Beginners Course
You have never danced before? Or maybe you attended a dancing course many years ago but forgot everything? In that case, you are at the right place! In the beginners’ course, we instruct all dances from the beginning. You will learn how to dance standard and Latin dance including slow waltz, tango, Viennese Waltz, quickstep, samba, cha cha cha, rumba and jive. Besides the basic steps, you will also learn first small routines and after this course you will be able to move confidently on the dance floor.

Course for Advanced Dancers Level 1

You have already participated in the beginners course and still want more? No problem, in this course you will learn a lot more as for example the Paso Doble. You will also learn new routines and first tricks for the right technique. Dancing will slowly become more sporty and intense. We recommend you to bring a drink for refreshment and a towel.

Course for Adcanced Dances Level 2

You are not a beginner of competitive dancing anymore and want to improve? You will also learn new routines in this course and improve your techniques. Besides, a new dance waits for you: Slow Fox! After this course you are ready for Deutsches Tanzsportabzeichen (approximately: German badge for competitive dancing). You will have the possibility to perform in front of the examiners of the German association of competitive dancing. If you pass, you receive a bronze badge.

Advanced Dancers

Dancing has become one of your favorite hobbies and you want to learn even more? Excellent, you should attend our course for advanced dancers. This course also offers many new steps in the individual dances and will improve your techniques even further. Since the routines will get faster and faster, the right shoes will make dancing easier or you. Your dance instructors will help you with any questions you may have about the right choice of dance shoes.


Popular Sports

You have already attended each of our courses and want to become a bit more athletic and want to exercise more intensely? Or you have already dance in another facility for years and want to become part of our student dancers? If this is the case, we would like to welcome you in our popular sports course. Tournament routines, poses and the most important techniques will complete your dancing and enhance your choreographies. Our dance instructors will teach you in standard and Latin dances weekly.


Dance Meeting
Dance music that is fun, friendly people who share your hobby, and qualified dance instructors who will answer your questions! You think that is not possible?  With us, it is! Once a week, we offer you to practice what you have learned in our courses. You can meet participants of all courses and dance with them to the latest and greatest music. If you forget one of the steps, our instructors will always help you. You should not miss this chance.


Disco Fox Beginners
Do you want to dance like they do in Saturday Night Fever? Let’s do it! In the beginner course, you will learn everything you need on the floor and much more. The first routines and turns will expand your repertoire.


Disco Fox Advanced Dancers
Do you want to swirl even faster and more spectacularly over the dance floor? In the second course, our instructors will teach you more exciting turn figures and curling figures. After this course you will impress everyone on the dance floor with your skills. We recommend you to wear shoes with a leather sole or a flat rubber sole (without profile if possible).

Further information under or introductory event on Wednesday, 30.10.2019, 8 p.m. in building 1/019.

All dance classes start 04.11.2019

During the semester break, not all courses will be offered. You can find the dates under: Specials semester break

For questions, contact: tanzen(at)

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