Sport Facilities


BASIC CARD (not including UNIFIT)

With the inexpensive Basic Card you can use the complete sports program (except swimming) of UNISPORT. The current sports schedule for the winter semester 21/22 can be found on this page. Please note that some courses require registration and others do not.

You can purchase the Basic Card on this page.


 WINTER 21/22
Students0,00 €
Staff25,00 €

42,00 €



(No basic card necessary)

The Soccer Cage can be used again! Reservations can be made by calling the Service Center (0631/205-3443). It is necessary to show the payment receipt for the paid rent on the date of playing. You can always pay for one hour online. Write in the comment field when booking on which day you want to use the Soccer Cage. You can make the booking here.

More info:
Soccer Cage
Sport Soccer


Students10,00 €
Staff15,00 €
Guests25,00 €



(No basic card necessary)

The booking of the swimming card is done online via this page in the winter semester 2021/22. The payment confirmation by mail currently counts as a "swimming card", which must be presented at the course. For free swim times, you will need to re-register each week. Also, an Intake QR code and 3G proof is required for contact registration.


 Until 31.03.22
Students20,00 €
Staff40,00 €
Guests40,00 €



(No basic card necessary)

This winter there is also the Aqua Power and the Diving Card available as a block card until the end of March 2022.

You can buy them under this booking link:

In addition, an Intake QR code and 3G proof is required for contact registration on site.


 until 31.03.22
Students18,00 €
Staff36,00 €
Guests54,00 €


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