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Cards and Fees


Participation in the courses of the UNISPORT sports program as well as free sports activities on the outdoor facilities (exceptions see below) is possible with a Basic Card. TUK students do not have to buy a basic card, as a valid student ID counts as proof. Persons of other status groups can buy the basic card online.

For the Soccer Cage and the beach and tennis courts as well as for courses in dancing, swimming and diving you do not need a basic card, but one of the Special Cards.


All information about UNISPORT, e.g. offer, participation, trial training, facilities and equipment, and much more can be found in our FAQ!


Basic Card

Status groupPricePurchase
A0,00 €no purchase necessary
B42,00 €Basic Card
C72,00 €Basic Card

The basic card is valid for the current semester.


Status group finder

Status Groupincluded
AStudents** TUK & Campus Landau
BStaff members TUK & Campus Landau, students of other universities, staff members of affiliated institutes, trainees**, FSJ / BFD**, pensioners, people with disabilities (from 50% severe disability)
CAll other persons who are not assigned to the previous groups

Special Cards

You need the Special Cards to use the listed sports facilities and courses. An additional Basic Card is not required!

Semester Cards can be purchased online. After purchasing, come to the Service Center in building 28 (sports hall) with a payment confirmation to pick up your corresponding card. Day Passes can be purchased at the UNIFIT Infopoint in Building 27.

Soccer Cage, Beach and Tennis Courts

To use the special sports facilities, you must reserve the area in advance. You can do this in person at the Service Center (Building 28) or by phone: 0631 / 205-3443. Please note that all persons playing or participating must be in possession of a respective card. The Soccer Cage is open year-round, while the beach and tennis courts are only open during the summer semester. Opening hours

Swimming, aqua power, diving and dancing

The swimming card allows you to participate in free swimming or aqua power courses at Monte Mare or the Schulzentrum Süd, and the diving card allows you to attend the corresponding courses. The dance card entitles you to participate in all dance courses of our sports program.

Semester Cards

Soccer Cage20€40€60€Soccer-Cage-Card
Beach Volleyball20€40€60€only sold in summer semester
Tennis (outdoor at UNISPORT)40€60€90€only sold in summer semester
Tennis (indoor at HHG)20€40€60€Indoor Tennis Card
Swimming Card (Free Swimming, Aqua Power, Triathlon) **25€45€65€*Swimming Card
Diving Card (Diving) **20€40€60€Diving Card
Dancing Card (Dancing courses) **20€40€60€Dancing Card

Prices are per person.
* Guests can only use the Schulzentrum Süd with their Swimming Card. At Monte Mare, the Swimming Card is only valid for students and staff.

Day Passes (Purchase at UNIFIT Infopoint)

Basic Day Pass0€4€6€
Soccer Cage Day Pass2€4€6€
Beach Volleyball Day Pass (only sold in summer semester)2€4€6€
Tennis Day Pass (only sold in summer semester)4€6€9€

Prices are per person.



** Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising person, only then they have access to our facilities and offers. Children may only participate in courses that are explicitly advertised for children (e.g. children's swimming course, parent-child gymnastics). Participation in swimming, diving and dancing is not possible under the age of 18. In addition, participation in all other courses for persons under 18 years of age (e.g. students under 18 years of age) is only permitted after prior approval by UNISPORT (contact: katharina.becker(at)

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