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Acro Yoga/Akrobatik

Acro Yoga is an interplay of yoga, therapeutic "flying" and acrobatics as such. In our courses, the focus is on (partner) acrobatics. You work at least in pairs, one base and one flyer, of course it is not necessary to bring a partner to the training.

The training focuses on body awareness, balance, body tension and coordination. The training also promotes your confidence in yourself and others.

In Acro Yoga/beginners' training, the focus is primarily on so-called L-basing, i.e. acrobatics on a lying base. The range of tricks in acrobatics is huge, so there is something for everyone - whether you are a beginner or a long-time gymnast. From elegant and static tricks to sweeping, dynamic elements, it's not called flyer for nothing! So our only requirement is that you are not afraid to touch other people.

Our beginners' training is a (largely) guided training, whereas the advanced course is a free training.

To join the advanced training you should have attended the beginner's course or have acro yoga / acrobatics experience. It is also recommended that you bring your own training partner for the advanced training.

In the advanced course you can also try your hand at scarf acrobatics.

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