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Acro Yoga/Akrobatik

AcroYoga combines three important tradition: the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the “ancient healing practice” of thai massage and the dynamic power of acrobatics. These three elements combined are fundamental to AcroYoga. AcroYoga promotes trust among participants, increases energy, and can strengthen one’s courage. Participants will be asked to push their limits in this group. One of the biggest challenges is developing one’s ability to relax and let go.Both verbal and non-verbal communication are crucial. A combination of playfulness, interaction and connection, the focus of AcroYoga is on all aspects of a human being: mind, body and soul.

In order to participate, you need to have experience with AcroYoga or Acrobatics.

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Training times (no registration required):

(free) training advancedTuesday18:15-20:00Unisporthalle 3with Eva
Beginners' trainingTuesday20:00-21:45Unisporthalle 3with Sebastian


Advanced AcroYoga classes include:

●      L-Basing

●      Bird/flyer - as base and flyer

●      Star/ shoulderstand - as base and flyer

●      Side star/ butterfly - as base and flyer

●      Cartwheel - as base and flyer

●      Ninja star - as base and flyer


You can also try aerial silk acrobatics in our advanced yoga classes.

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