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The traditional Egyptian dance and folklore has many variations that can be seen in different social contexts across the globe: Raks Sharki, Baladi, Shaabi, Saidi, Fellahi and even American Belly Dance.

A belly dancer is graceful, confident and relaxed. Their temper and physical energy are in harmony. Through belly dancing, women of all ages and body types are capable of discovering their femininity in a whole new light.

In this course, participants will learn the basics. We will practice motion sequences and step combinations in a sporty yet meditative manner. The course aims to improve participants' flexibility and strengthen the abdominal, back and vascular muscles with feminine, sensual and energetic movements.

Nowadays, belly dancing classes are often combined with elements of other dance styles or trends (e.g., Modern Dance, Classical Chinese Dance, Yoga and Body Shaping).

In this course, we focus on the Egyptian Style and the American Belly Dance. Beginners are welcome, and previous experience is not necessary! We recommend that participants wear dance shoes or sneakers (preferably without heels) as well as a simple top and a hip scarf.

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