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Boxing is a combat sport in which two opponents fight with their gloved fists. The goal is to score as many hits as possible or to knock out the opponent. This class is intended for beginners who want to learn basic boxing techniques, as well as advanced learners who want to improve their sparring skills.This class contains the following exercises: boxing techniques, working with weights, jump rope, training with a sandbag and sparring. Participants must bring the following: boxing gloves, bandages, a mouthpiece, a jump rope and a towel. 

With the exception of a mouthguard, a limited number of materials are available.

Unfortunately, due to our facilities, it is not possible for us to train more than 10 participants at the same time.  As this class is currently aimed more at advanced participants, beginners will be the first that we ask to leave when a class is above the maximum number of participants. We appreciate your understanding.

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