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Bridge is an exciting card game that strengthens your memory and mental ability in a playful manner.

Bridge is played at a table by four people. Opposing teams of two are made up of the players on opposing sides of the table. With the aid of a complex bidding system, each team determines a trump suit and picks a minimum bid. The objective of a round is to score the same amount of points that was bid. Being aware of the game’s various strategies, understanding probabilities and remembering which cards have been played all make it easier to win. Bridge creates an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fairness.

Bridge is often played as a tournament. The card distribution is the same on each of the tables. Thus, pure chance is almost completely eliminated, strengthening the Bridge’s fairness and equality. According to the International Olympic Committee, Bridge is officially recognized as a sport.

This class is intended for anyone who is interested. Beginners will start with “minibridge,” a version that simplifies the bidding system. It guarantees a quicker start to the actual game play. We also offer a forum for advanced players where bidding and gaming techniques can be improved. 

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