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Calisthenics is derived from the Greek kalos (“beautiful”) and sthenos (“power”). In its current form, calisthenics developed in New York at the beginning of the 21st century.These forms of rhythmic movement are defined by power, flexibility and body control.

In calisthenics, the body functions as its own resistance. Weights are not necessary. Pull-up bars and monkey bars are the more standard pieces of equipment. Calisthenics is impressive to watch—from the lowest to the highest levels of difficulty. The aim of these strength exercises is for a participant’s movements to look as aesthetic as possible.

Workshop for Beginners (currently not in the programme):
The workshop for beginners concentrates on the stepwise introduction of Calisthenics. Fundamental body-weight exercises will be introduced and practiced with an eye toward progressively improving the participant’s technique. Strength and coordination are the main concerns. We make intensive mentoring possible by accepting only a limited number of participants with binding registrations. Every participant’s progress will be evaluated with performance tests. Participants can also take part in a basic workout at the end of the workshop.

You can exercise Calisthenics every day at any time with station 3 of the campusletics course (next to building 52).

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