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A combination of acrobatics and floor exercise, cheerleading is a popular American team sport. It’s a false and hasty generalization to say that cheerleading is for women only. Lately, cheerleading has become an increasingly competitive sport, more than simple dancing and shouting. The focus lies on stunting, basket tosses, building pyramids and tumbling (floor exercises). Stunting consists of lifts with two to five people. Pyramids are built when several stunts result in one figure, while baskets indicate that one person, known as a “flyer,” is thrown in the air. Participants will train their physical feeling and body tension. They must also develop their sense of team spirit, as everyone needs to rely on one another. There are certain preparatory exercises for beginners so that they can also become a part of the team. Come and give it a shot, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cheerleader. We are always happy to welcome new team members!


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