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debatING - Sports with Words

During a debate, speaking becomes a sport. Two teams compete by representing and arguing a certain position (pro or contra) on[1] a topic after a short period of preparation. In short speeches with strict time limits, arguments are brought forward and challenged by the opponent. Afterwards, a jury evaluates the speech and its content in detail.

Nervousness is normal at the beginning but experienced students are here to help. With this support, participants will become more confident with each debate. A good speaker can always improve their eloquence and repartee. Especially ambitious students can test their skills in tournaments and learn from excellent speakers from other universities. Don’t be afraid. Even the best speakers started on a shoestring. Enjoyment and community are always the top priority.

Club members propose weekly topics, from the deposit of German nuclear waste in foreign countries to whether Kaiserslautern needs its own space program. Levels of previous knowledge are irrelevant, as the teams will be balanced. Everyone is welcome!

Sports with words is in cooperation with the university group debatING Further information under the following link

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