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E-Sports (electronic sports) are more than mere computer games. As in many other sports, competition is fundamental. In recent years, E-Sports have become extremely popular; the 2017 League of Legends championship drew about 60 million spectators to Beijing’s olympic stadium. Well known soccer teams like FC Schalke 04 or Manchester City even have their own successful eSports teams.

Participants can meet like-minded people and improve their gaming skills in our courses. We’re here to connect and to share your interest in games. League of Legends is one of E-Sport’s most popular games with about 100 million active gamers playing monthly. Two opposing teams of five players compete on the field. The goal is to get the points of the main building back to zero. League of Legends demands a variety of skills. Besides motor skills, tactical understanding and distinct problem-solving abilities, team spirit and communicative skills are the most important factors (and, of course, having a lot of fun!). These skills must be understood in theory and developed in active gameplay.

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular eSports games (about 100 million active monthly players). Here, two teams of five players each compete against each other on the playing field. The goal is to bring the points of the main building in the opponent's half to zero. League of Legends requires a variety of skills. In addition to motor skills, tactical understanding and strong problem-solving abilities, the focus is on team spirit and communication skills (and, of course, a lot of fun!). These skills are to be practiced and trained in theory, training and active game practice.

Rocket League

Rocket League means fast-paced car soccer action! The game is a combination of soccer and futuristic cars, similar to the well-known car soccer format from TV. Players compete alone or with up to 3 other players in a team, with the goal of scoring as many goals as possible. The winner is the team that has scored more goals at the end of the time. A match lasts about 5 minutes and ends with a golden goal in case of a draw.  But also different crazy fun modes are playable. Unlike in Fifa, for example, the players control cars that are driven against the ball. The vehicles can also jump and use nitro/boost, which means that even experienced players can fly and thus play a kind of butterfly ball from the air.

Note: your own headset is an advantage

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