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E-Sports (electronic sports) are more than playing computer games. Like in many other sports, sports-minded competition is elementary for different disciplines or games. eSports became popular very quickly. The championship finale of “League of Legends” in 2017 in the Olympic stadium of Beijing was watched by about 60 million spectators. Well known sports clubs like FC Schalke 04 or Manchester City also have their own successful eSports teams. 
You can exercise and improve your gaming skills in our courses or meet like-minded people, connect and share your interest in the game. League of Legends
League of Legends is one of the most popular games of eSports (about 100 million active gamers playing monthly). Two teams of five players each play against each other on the field. The goal is to put the points of the main building back to zero. League of Legends demands a variety of skills. Besides motoric skills, tactical understanding and distinct abilities of solving problems, team spirit and communicative skills are most important (and of course having a lot of fun!). These skills need to be practiced in theory, training and active playing experience

Mo18:30-21:30League of Legends for every one Besprechungsraum UNISPORT
Di18:30-21:30Rocket League for every oneBesprechungsraum UNISPORT


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