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Irish Dance

Irish Dance became popular in Europe during the ‘90s through “Riverdance” and Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance.” It has continued to gain fans since then.

In Irish Dance, some reels and jigs are performed in soft shoes that can be compared to those of a gymnast. The focus of these soft shoe dances is on jumps, turns and different step combinations. Others are performed in tap dance shoes. These hard shoe dances focus on quick movements of the feet and maintaining the correct rhythm. Traditional Irish group dances are called Ceilis. Many Irish

dancers are familiar with the easy step sequences of these Ceilis. As such, dancers across the world share a common basis.

This class addresses both beginners who want to learn the basic steps of Irish Dance as well as advanced learners who want to try out more complicated step sequences. To begin, comfortable clothes and elastic gymnastics shoes are sufficient.

Note: Canteen 4, where Irish Dance takes place, is only accessible via external staircase.

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