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Everyone’s familiar with juggling. It’s always impressive when someone can juggle a group of tennis balls, apples, or even bowling pins. With that being said, only few people know how diverse the tradition can be. Juggling is so much more than just throwing balls in the air. There are an incredible amount of versatile tricks that are waiting to be performed. The only limit is the juggler’s creativity.

Juggling requires constant movement that can have a relaxing effect. As such, some students even practice during their study breaks or before exams.

TU Kaiserslautern’s Juggling Club

Participants can juggle more than your standard balls in this class. We provide juggling clubs, rings, devil sticks, and diabolos too. Participants can train their balance on a rola bola balance board or a unicycle. This class also practices passing in order to develop the participants’ teamwork. In this activity, two or more jugglers share their requisites in simple or challenging patterns.

Ours is a diverse group. We have beginners and advanced learners, students in their first semester and doctoral candidates, even employees.

Our practices are free in form. There is no fixed itinerary. Anyone can teach the group new tricks.

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