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Dancing salsa is dreaming with your feet. Hardly anyone can escape the animating rhythm and joie de vivre that is radiated here. Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic. It originated there in the 1960s and developed from a form of Cuban boleros.
At Unisport you have the opportunity to learn everything about Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba from a dancer who is very active in the scene. Directly after each dance course, a salsa disco is offered to give you the necessary practice. This should guarantee fun at any future salsa party.

Ladystyling Bachata:

In Ladystyling Bachata we will work on different techniques for dancing Bachata. Movement sequences which are necessary for dancing (as a lady) Bachata Sensual, Bachata Fiusion, and Footwork which can also be used in traditional Dominican Bachata will be worked on and practiced. In addition, techniques in the area of flexibility, posture, balance, correct following and musicality are worked on. Behaviour and self-confidence in social dance will also be a topic (a "women's power course"). The techniques will be supported by various choreographies, which can also be practised alone at home. The level of the dance course will be based on the participants, so it will be designed as an open level course. The most important thing is to bring a lot of fun and joy of movement. Every lady is welcome, even if you don't take part in the other dance courses in the area of Salsa and Bachata, you are welcome to try out the course and simply benefit from a round of dancing among girls. 

Salsa Rueda:

Rueda de casino is a Latin American group dance (Cuban) that is danced to Salsa music. Translated, Rueda means wheel and Casino is the Cuban name for the dance Salsa, i.e. 'Salsa wheel'. In German-speaking countries, the term 'Salsa Rueda' is sometimes also used. The name Rueda comes from the fact that all the couples involved form a circle, each dancing the same figures synchronously. Due to the change of partners, which is part of the danced figures, the Rueda or the wheel turns. We all start together into a new semester and will orientate ourselves with the course level to the participants. We are looking forward to many participants and people who enjoy wrestling.

Salsa Cuban Style:

The Salsa Cuban Style course serves as preparation for the Salsa Rueda courses.

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