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Dancing salsa is dreaming with your feet. Hardly anyone can escape the animating rhythm and joie de vivre that is radiated here.
At Unisport you have the opportunity to learn everything about Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba from a dancer who is very active in the scene. Directly after each dance course, a salsa disco is offered to give you the necessary practice. This should guarantee fun at any future salsa party.

The workshops on Mondays are aimed at beginners, on Sundays in the open courses you should already have a little experience.

We offer Salsa/Bachata for beginners in a compact workshop format. Further information and dates under

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Training times (registration required):

Monday19:45-21:00Salsawith SergejBuilding 46, Room 268
Monday21:15-22:30Bachatawith MaxBuilding 46, Room 268


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