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The Unitanz instructors are offering you a wide range of couple dances. We are trying to change our offers on a regular basis, and to introduce participants to new couple dances from time to time. Our dance instructors are tournament dancers of DTV (German Dancesport Federation) or of a partner federation. Our instructors specialize in different dance styles, though they’re all enthusiastic dancers with heart and soul.

You will find our latest schedule with further information here: Course Schedule

Have fun! And remember: “Dancing is dreaming with the feet!”

West Coast Swing

Flowing movements combined with rapid turns make West Coast Swing look very elegant, offering a lot of interpretation and variation by the dancing couple. You will learn the basic figures and first variations, ensuring that you can have fun at any swing party.

West Coast Swing is groovy, jazzy, funky … and simply cool!

For questions, contact: tanzen(at)

Mon19:00-20:00West Coast Swing BeginnerTU/Geb. 01 Raum 019
Tue19:00-20:00West Coast Swing Intermediate

TU/Geb. 46, Raum 268

Eingang zw. Geb. 46 & 48

Tue20:00-21:00West Coast Swing Advanced

TU/Geb. 46, Raum 268

Eingang zw. Geb. 46 & 48

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