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Table Soccer

Table soccer, or foosball, is based on soccer and played on a special table. The aim is to score goals against your opponent using all of the four available handlebars. Table isn’t only a game you play in bars; you can play it almost anywhere! In this class, you will learn more tips and tricks to defeat your opponents. And if our meeting time isn’t enough for you, you can also play with our affiliated partner, the 1. Kicker Club Kaiserslautern e.V.


1. Kicker Club Kaiserslautern e.V.

Vereinsheim & Trainingszentrum

Augustastraße 11

67655 Kaiserlautern


Opening Hours:

Tuesday: from 6:00 PM

Thursday: from 6:00 PM

Every first Friday of the month: DYP tournament


For questions, contact: individualsport(at)

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